#6: The Art of Delegation: Growing Your Business with Conrad Ruiz, Founder of Well Aware

#6: The Art of Delegation: Growing Your Business with Conrad Ruiz, Founder of Well Aware

In this episode, Conrad Ruiz, founder & CEO of Well Aware, shares his expertise and reveals proven strategies for harnessing the power of outsourcing and how to grow your business without spending more hours. Your journey toward maximizing productivity and reclaiming valuable time starts here.

As a time management expert, Conrad shares his journey of building Well Aware, which evolved into helping entrepreneurs optimize their operations and implement outsourcing strategies.

The Process Of Outsourcing The discussion dives deep into the process of outsourcing and how it can become a game-changer for busy founders looking to scale their businesses intelligently. Conrad emphasizes the importance of running an audit on your time to identify tasks that can be outsourced. He breaks down the mindset shift required and explains how even a 70% improvement in the quality of work can be a significant step forward.

We talk about:

The challenges of transitioning from doing everything themselves to delegating tasks.The necessity of documenting processes and investing time in passing on skills to ensure successful outsourcing.

Topic 1: Communication Management

  • Communication management is crucial in any work environment.
  • The protocol around communication should be established to make sure everyone can communicate effectively.

Topic 2: Workflow Organization

  •  A workflow should be created to organize different clients and their portals in different browser profiles.
  • This organization method helps to avoid feeling overwhelmed and things falling through the cracks.

Topic 3: Types of Management

  • The podcast discusses five different types of management: time, relationships, actions, commitments, and knowledge.
  • Time management involves putting things on your calendar and organizing yourself accordingly.
  • Relationship management involves using CRMs and social media to stay in touch with people. –
  • Action management involves using task management systems and documenting tasks along with SOPs and assigning time to them.
  • Commitment management involves tracking goals and objectives and updating systems accordingly.
  • Knowledge management involves organizing resources and information.

Topic 4: Working on Tasks

  • Thinking of work as compartmentalization in a blank room with labeled boxes that represent different tasks.
  • It is important to leave the box and its contents organized before moving on to another task in a different box.

Topic 5: Outsourcing

  • Before considering outsourcing, it’s important to ensure you’re performing critical functions for the sanity of your business.
  • A time audit can help recognize if you have time allotted for financial self-awareness and reporting.
  • Being too busy to pay mind to bringing someone else on is a danger in itself and can lead to a rocky foundation for outsourcing.
  • The biggest issue with outsourcing is the amount of time it takes to train and work with someone else.
  • Before outsourcing, it’s important to audit your time and understand what tasks you are currently doing.
  • Start by outsourcing a simple function or task and create a standard operating procedure for it.
  • Some marketplaces, such as Fiverr or virtual assistant services, can be used to find someone to outsource to.
  • The onboarding process involves welcoming the virtual assistant, giving them all necessary access and discussing payment structures.
  • Outsourcing becomes more difficult the higher your need for it is, especially if you are already busy sustaining the business on your own.
  • Outsourcing may lead to a drop in cash flow, but it can increase your time flow dramatically, leading to living in pure profit land.
  • To vet an applicant, Conrad recommends giving them a sample of the work they will be doing, even if it’s a small portion, and paying them for it.

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