#10: How To Sell to People Who Don’t Want To Be Sold to With Hywel Carver

#10: How To Sell to People Who Don’t Want To Be Sold to With Hywel Carver

In this episode, we dive deep with Hywel Carver, one of the brains behind Skiller Whale, exploring the journey from conceptualizing to effectively implementing a unique approach to B2B learning and development. We uncover the strategies behind starting companies, iterating product offerings, scaling sales, navigating pricing complexities, and Carver’s golden advice for startups.

We discuss:

Topic 1: The Genesis of Skiller Whale
  • Background on Hywel Carver’s career and the founding of Skiller Whale
  • Identifying the gap in traditional learning methods and the motivation to start Skiller Whale
Topic 2: The Skiller Whale Learning Model
  • Overview of the live team coaching approach
  • Benefits of personalized, hands-on, and feedback-driven learning
  • A case study highlight: Impact on a Danish startup’s productivity
Topic 3: Experimenting with Product Offerings
  • The iterative process of product development at Skiller Whale
  • The transition from paper-based sessions to a digital platform
  • Adapting to remote learning: Challenges and solutions
Topic 4: Scaling Sales and Community Engagement
  • Leveraging personal networks and tech communities for early customers
  • The importance of non-sales selling in tech environments
  • Strategies for engaging with potential customers at conferences and online communities
Topic 5: Navigating Pricing Strategies
  • Initial challenges with pricing and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Moving towards value pricing and understanding customer perception
  • The iterative approach to refining pricing based on the value provided
Topic 6: Key Advice for Startups
  • Starting with value: Understanding and articulating your value proposition
  • Embracing the MVP philosophy: Focus on the minimum and viable for hypothesis testing
  • The importance of building based on validated demand
Topic 7: Concluding Thoughts
  • Recap of Hywel Carver’s insights on B2B growth, innovation in learning, and startup advice
  • Encouragement for listeners to apply these strategies in their entrepreneurial endeavors

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