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Christian built the original marketing blueprint at Planday and it proved to be a solid foundation that enabled efficient and controlled growth. He’s a master of the modern marketing technology stack, a really easy person to work with and a patient mentor to younger or less experienced team members. Highly recommended!

John Coldicutt
Marketing Director - UK & EMEA at Xero

I had the privilege working with Christian on the Planday Marketing team. Christian’s biggest undertaking – to spearhead Planday into new global markets – is commendable. Having tremendous responsibilities, Christian handles high pressure and high expectation with grace and professionalism. Managing the international marketing budget while tackling on-going initiatives such as: online-marketing, SEO and content marketing takes a lot of discipline and a sharp work ethic. Nonetheless, Christian never fails to nurture and coach his team when in need. That is an admirable quality I believe not all leaders possess. Thus, I would happily recommend Christian in any leading Marketing role.

Katherine Frangos
HubSpot Marketing Consultant, Writer, & Current Graduate Student at American College of Greece

Christian is the important communication and cooperation link between Marketing and Sales. Having the two departments work so closely together has been a great improvement to get the most out of marketing leads and turn them into sales. Christian is the key driver on marketing operations and has been very flexible in adjusting the marketing engine to align with the demands in Sales. Data has been our language from day 1, and that has made it very easy to make joint decisions on new actions. On a more personal note, he is a fantastic colleague that always stays calm, collected and focused on the tasks at hand.

Michel Hansen
Sales Operation at Planday

Christian helped us in a period of ongoing analysis and concrete proposals for optimization on a number of campaigns. Super comfortable to work with, and always very straightforward. Can definitely be recommended!

Casper Groot
Founder at Turis - Your digital wholesale platform

Christian was an absolutely necessary asset for us to get a clear understanding of which channels were bringing in meetings and customers (not just leads). He helped scale the inbound lead-gen with special attention to Hubspot lead nurturing while closing the gap between marketing and sales. Christian has also helped optimize the SEO of the website. He has my warmest recommendations and I would use him again.

Thor Tophoj

Christian is a hard-working and respected colleague. He manages to have a focus on sales and customers. Christian is a team player and he always makes sure that his team is working towards the same goals. I can only give Christian my highest recommendations.

Karina Bryrup
Marketing Manager hos Q8 Danmark A/S

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christian at Planday from June 2016 to February 2018. Christian has an amazing attitude and an unbelievable drive, both of which are inspiring and contagious to everyone working with him. Christian is always happy to add interesting perspectives to any discussion, always drawing on his deep understanding and broad knowledge about marketing, which he is constantly expanding. I got to know Christian as an extremely solid team member with a natural talent for taking the lead and building team spirit. He is someone I will always feel comfortable seeking advice from and one of the best and most dedicated colleagues I’ve worked with.

Lisa Brønnum
Copywriter & Translator

I have had the pleasure of working both with Christian Godoy Jørgensen as a specialist and under Christian as a team leader on several both large and small online marketing projects. Christian can from my perspective best be described as an ambitious and motivating leader with strong competencies within SEO and online marketing. One of my biggest pleasures working both with and under Christian is his ability to execute and get things done. It is as if he lives by the rule ‘done is better than perfect’ – this determination on action and getting things done is truly admirable. I have learned much about how to get things done and how to focus on the necessary when things get hectic. When working together with Christian you feel his professionalism and eager to do what it takes to succeed and this is something I admire. As a leader Christian analyses you, your skills, and the magnitude of the problem at hand. He then helps you move on by either teaching, guiding, telling, or coaching. This has in many instances given me room to unfold my ideas and develop my talent and competencies on the challenges at hand. I have experienced Christian as an enhancer of my work both on internal and external projects. For this, I would like to thank Christian and I would like to give him my full recommendation.

Nikolaj Mogensen
Head of SEO at s360 A/S

Christian and I were colleagues at Deducta for two years where we worked on several big projects. Christian and his team helped deliver quality work, and at times, on very short deadlines. His profound knowledge of online marketing and particularly SEO, has always delivered the best quality. Christian has always been a positive and pleasant personality to be around, both in good and in stressful situations. He is has a very social and professional personality and a great friend to have. I hope I will have to opportunity, once again, in the future to work with Christian again.

Søren Skovdahl Hansen
B2B Digital Marketing Expert.

I have worked with Christian Godoy Jørgensen for more than a year now. During that time, he has taught me a lot of new things about online business optimization. Christian is very skilled within this area, and he has been very good at teaching me to make me better at my work. That I am grateful for. Furthermore, Christian has a positive and warm manner, and he is always in for a good laugh. He is easy to work with, and I have learned a lot from him and his way of leading our team. Christian is very competent, and I look up to him as a person and as a leader. I am sure that he will get far with his competencies and his personality.

Maj Sara K.
Senior Growth Manager at KAYAK & momondo

Leadership of teams is what Christian do best. As a facilitator, Christian helps people understand their goals, their responsibilities, and make the team work together. One very fundamental thing about Christian is his ability to listen. He takes very good care in getting every member’s opinion in a project and thereby facilitating discussion towards getting the right solution to a problem. If an employee is faced with a problem Christian is always ready to listen and provide help. Positivity is another trait of Christian – he once scored a prize for being the most positive-minded employee. That is really something everybody could learn something from. Christian is never the guy to get nervous or stressed about a problem – he again facilitates the solution in an efficient and thoughtful manner. As a team leader Christian always treats team members fairly. He is consistent with rewards and recognition, as well as disciplinary action if someone is not playing by the book. He is the best Team Leader you can get!

Philip Sander Nielsen
Director Consulting Marketing & Strategy

I had the pleasure of working for and with Christian for two years at Planday. He played a crucial role in building the foundation for the marketing strategy that lifted the company from a startup to a serious player in the market with content marketing, SEO, Google ads, social media – the whole ‘marketing palette’. The hard work could be seen in the sales team in particular, which opened new doors, and in general we experienced increasing conversions in the form of e.g. downloads of content, leads and customers. Christian is “Mr. Marketing ”, he has a deep technical understanding, he thinks out of the famous box, and he has a yes approach to the tasks. As a leader, he is motivating and engaging. And as a colleague, he always helps to create a good atmosphere.

Katja Dehn Cox
B2B communication with a marketing perspective

I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Christian for the past 2 1/2 years during my time at Planday. Christian possesses a unique combination of a strong and wide marketing mindset with a deep technical understanding. This enables Christian to both come up with clever impactful growth hacks, but also implement them in a very short time. A rare skill set for a marketer which start ups, SMBs as well as established corporations who deal with Christian can benefit from. From a personal point of view Christian is a super positive guy, always speaking up honestly – leaving no time for bullshit, which is highly appreciated.

Frans Lykke Østergård

Christian has been a remarkable great asset to building the complete Marketing Mix at Planday from the foundation which has been life changing for the company scaling from Nordic to Global. From a sales point of view he managed to boost and grow the marketing engine via online-marketing, SEO, Adwords, content marketing etc. for the online sales channel to become the absolute number one sales engine at Planday. At the same time he’s taken professional lead of valuable integrations and tools like Hubspot, Salesforce etc. Christian is very likeable and a kind colleague and friend. A privilege to be working with!

Thomas Ibsen Nielsen
Head of Sales EMEA & APAC at Airtame

I have greatly enjoyed working alongside Christian during my time at Deducta. Christian has a very inspiring personality and he is always both cheerful and positive. This makes him incredibly fun to work with. Christian has fulfilled several roles in Deducta with great succes, Amongst others Christian held leadership functions, account management responsibilities and was also responsible for performing tasks within SEO, Analytics, Facbook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Email marketing and several others. In handling these duties Christian showed great skill and it seemed there was never any task he couldn’t handle. I give Christian my full recommendation.

Philip Arnaa
Director Of Client Services l Partner at Adapt

I had the privilege of working with Christian on a lot of SEO jobs at Deducta A/S. Christian is a wise colleague with huge knowledge. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Christian is your man! He’s perfectly organized, responsible, self motivated and a reliable person that works towards maximal customer satisfaction.

Nicolai Lønne
Passionate Online Marketing Specialist

Christian is professional in his work and he always deliverer high performance and high quality.

Michael Enggaard Jensen
Project manager hos DB Schenker